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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Because one is internal and the other one is needed for file transfer, since he has removed the PCMCIA port.

PC case sounds really ridiculous though, it stops being a classic Amiga if it looks like any off market PC.
IDE is way more flexible interface than CF (lets you use with very cheap and widely available adapters: SSD, SATA HDD, CDROM, DVDROM, CF, SDCARD, TFCARD, etc) and cheaper to manufacture (and if you want CF you can fit a $2 adapter from ebay or buy the one that Jens manufactures).

A PC case is not ridiculous, after all the A4000T was a PC case, and you cant argue that it wasnt an Amiga. PC cases are abundant, Amiga wedge cases are scarce, always used (you cannot buy a new one) and not in the best shape, since they are more than two decades old yellowed plastic suff.
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