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I think floppy emulators are a great first enabler, both for existing motherboards and perhaps the reloaded ones? I would not assume PC drives are easier to buy the next few years... a compatibility jumper would make the board a plug-in replacements for A1200, where it seems motherboard damage is relatively frequent, while floppy drives are available from Amigakit.

I think built in CF support is a good idea, and removes the need for Zorro support for the most part. Usually that's what it was for on A500, HDD interfaces. Just don't make us put the CF card inside a screwed shut case. (like the Lvd/Kipper board)

So for the "A500 aspect" of the design (running Good Old Games, and OCS demos), well... accelerated A500s were not common, a big reason for having one is the excellent (un-upgraded) compatibility, i.e. you want the base specs and need only that. So I see Zorro as "can definitely be eliminated".

For the "A1200 aspect" of the design, missing expansion slot will make the die-hard angry perhaps, but they already have the knowledge to build their rigs

And from the specs it looks like this will be a speed demon, a real step in the modern direction with really good value for money! So if it becomes this fast, compatible replacement, a *lot* of people will be super happy with it and not even look at a 68060 with measly normal DMA and Blitter and Chipmem speed...

I would assume that zero software will be changed to accommodate Amiga Reloaded, with the exception of any software you happen to already have and already have a programmer ready for I think it will work out...

I have no opinion about video output options except that black&white, well just remove it and save a few cents Make it a test pin, nobody but you will use it Jens, you know that

Also not really bothered if the serial port goes out the window. Parallel port - well you'd need something to sample sounds with.

Speaking of that, I think would be a golden opportunity to pre-mix the Paula channels for the excellent 3.5mm output (like WinUAE default) - everything will sound better and it would be a true problem-solver for musicians, and there are lots of them. It's an absolute drag to get the equipment to do it outside the Amiga, but inside only a couple op-amps are necessary. Even if it's just 3 pins to connect a separate jack to, it certainly would be wonderful to have this original design decision enhanced, and to have it all inside.

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