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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Now that's a nice idea. I can think of a fairly easy method to add two banking bits to each of the eight Bitplane-DMA channels. The problem will be to tell the blitter which bank it's supposed to work in. Here's where a good bunch of software development would have to be done.

I have already called for a true software blitter emulation mainly for speed reasons, but should I follow this banking thought, a full blitter emulation will become mandatory. Further, simple banking will require each bitplane to reside in a single 2MByte-bank. There would be no way to have a bitplane cross a 2MByte-boundary.

The same would apply to audio and sprites, which would all have to stay within one 2MByte-bank of chipram.

What is needed is to patch every library calls who use the Blitter and replace them by 68020 code same patches as in the Draco. Extra memory for program banging the HW will have to be written specifically.
Any plan for a chunky mode?

As FBlit as been recently open sourced this is a good starting place.


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