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Filter: 2x windowed without centering or resize?

Lots of screens are 1080p or higher, so that normal 640x512 PAL screens fit in 2x vertically. I would like to use 2x permanently, regardless of what DDF values some demo changes. With Automatic Resize, the window shrinks and blinks, and with Automatic Centering, the graphics nudge left or right. And in the other modes, it doesn't obey the 2x but becomes 1.889x or whatever.

And with automatic scaling, I seem to have to make the window 576x2 (instead of 512x2 for some reason) px high. That doesn't fit on 1080.

Is there a way?

Edit: 2x and "No scaling" works fine. Guess I had some option active that made it not give the desired effect before. Disregard.

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