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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld;

It's pretty close to what jbenam wrote: I located the actual stock of chips in multiple locations. One had Lisa chips, another had Alice, and a third had Paula. During the late 90s, these people believed that they had "gold", and they could not agree on a project because everyone was demanding a too-high share of whatever money they could make. With everyone in the boat being able to block each other, new Amigas never happened.

Almost 20 years after, I managed to convince each and everyone of them to sell me their remaining stock.

20 years
that's because you need to make a superior motherboard, otherwise few ppl will buy it

add for free USB if not pcmcia is included,
add for free a sacandoubler
add for free a wireless lan
add a socket for the 040 and 060 and simm to add fast memory
add a basic p96 gfx card

then you can sell it in 300 or 350 instead 200 then amiga fans will buy it
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