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Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
Another nice to have feature would be paged chip ram to overcome the 2 mb limit.
Now that's a nice idea. I can think of a fairly easy method to add two banking bits to each of the eight Bitplane-DMA channels. The problem will be to tell the blitter which bank it's supposed to work in. Here's where a good bunch of software development would have to be done.

I have already called for a true software blitter emulation mainly for speed reasons, but should I follow this banking thought, a full blitter emulation will become mandatory. Further, simple banking will require each bitplane to reside in a single 2MByte-bank. There would be no way to have a bitplane cross a 2MByte-boundary.

The same would apply to audio and sprites, which would all have to stay within one 2MByte-bank of chipram.

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