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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Where did he get the stock of old chips? Did they vanish somewhere in Petro T's times and now have reappeared?
After Commodore (and later Amiga Technologies) went bust there were still a lot of chips floating around, mainly in the various Commodore repair centres around the world (licensed or not), which were still viable for some time after that as there were still a lot of machines around.

When the masses abandoned the Amigas and switched to other platforms, the repair centres took the plunge as well and liquidated those assets and the only still interested in those were the local Amiga resellers, with their loyal customer bases.

During the late 00s, most Amiga resellers left the market and sold their remaining stock to the few big boys remaining around - Jens has probably managed to secure a respectable amount of the chips from them.
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