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So... new version anyone?

Hunter HD version 003 (Web Player Build) (Not supported in Chrome)

Offline/Standalone version

I actually didn't work on it much in the last weeks, but yesterday I realized I was in danger of becoming burnt out on game development so I wanted to put this version out at all costs, and put in a few hours to fix the worst bugs.

The browser version does NOT work in Chrome! You HAVE to use FireFox or whatever. It's a Unity thing, don't ask me why

Hit F1 during play to see the keyboard commands. Generally, the controls are standard FPS-fare. Hit I to open the inventory and click on an item to equip it. Hover the cursor over an item and hit 0-9 to assign a hotkey; this works for all kinds of items.

Press Y to invert mouse y.

The missile launcher (AT4) and Missile Boat launch guided missiles; to lock on to a target, press the middle mouse button when pointing at one and stay within the circle with your cursor until it turns red. Now the missile will fly towards the target after a short distance, as long as you stay inside the circle.

You can use Keypad + and Keypad - to change to number of seconds in a game day (default is 1440). Hit the - key a few times to see the sun rapidly falling towards the horizon. Drive the car onto the hill, get out and watch the sunset

There are two characters you can interact with; The quest system is incomplete and basically you can only talk to them and they tell you where to go, a quest marker appears on your map, but nothing will happen if you go there.

The swimming animation is bugged; I blame 3d Studio Max's CAT.

So, all in all all, there's nothing much to do; there is only one church a short distance to the east on the starting island, otherwise the map is empty.

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