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Originally Posted by CMTX View Post
And btw from the Icomp wiki:

USB functionality can be added with the X-Surf-100 version of RapidRoad. This is the lowest-cost version of the product, yet the one with the highest-performing interface.
I'm guessing he will put a couple of USB ports on the Motherboard somewhere like the X-Surf100 and the Rapid Road will activate them. The RapidRoad, however even the XS100 version has a USB header that can be used instead.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Didn't know that, that's cool and smart! Best of both worlds.
Yeah the CF functionality on the ACA500 is excellent, you have your Amiga CF card in the boot slot and a FAT32 CF in the AUX Slot, both automatically mount and you get nice speeds, with an ACA12xx around 3.5mb/sec. I guess we should get similar results on the Amiga Reloaded.

Originally Posted by jPV View Post

BTW. could I use my existing Indivision AGA mk2 (the original version) and not have to buy that "special version"?
I'm pretty sure he is using Lisa Chips so probably...
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