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There will only be one monitor output as standard: A black&white composite output for monitors that are compatible with PAL and/or NTSC video timing. This is mainly meant for debugging purposes and has been chosen because of it's low cost. You can install one out of two choices for colour output:
Black&white and no option to upgrade to color... why, oh why? I have to fall back to color composite quite often at the events with mixed selection of video projectors... and sometimes at home too. Even with full blown A1200 with Indivision AGA mk2... not to talk ones without it...

Another nice option would be S-video. Instead of that color composite, or with it. It isn't expensive or hard at all to mod to real a1200 at least. Just two resistors and two caps at the simplest from from the legs of CXA1145M, and that's it.

BTW. could I use my existing Indivision AGA mk2 (the original version) and not have to buy that "special version"?

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