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Originally Posted by CMTX View Post
For me the best is:

-Zorro 3 speed ethernet and usb in desktop case
-fastest chipram access
What you are asking is already planned, in fact they are the main things I commented of all of the info:

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
This is very interesting from the Wiki:

"Chipram is one of the special things where the Amiga Reloaded scores: Although it's "only" 2MByte Chipram like all other AGA machines before, the memory is much faster and can be accessed by the processor at full speed even when eight bitplanes are switched on. This is accomplished by making use of modern memory technology, which is a lot faster than the D-RAMs that the AGA chipset was designed for. The higher speed allows inserting extra timeslots between the original DMA slots of the Alice chip. As a result, the CPU will have high-speed access to chip memory even when 8 bitplanes are used, or the blitter is in "nasty mode", where it will not slow down if the processor signals that it wants to access chip ram. However, this may cause undesired effects with software that can't handle this kind of speed, so this feature can be switched off at the user's choice. It may also be a good idea to patch system functions to not use the blitter, but the CPU to do blitter functions, because the CPU will outperform the blitter in many, if not all aspects, given that it will have at least 14MByte/second performance on chipram. We currently have no plans to provide such a software patch, but encourage authors to continue the work that can be found on Aminet: None of the existing "CPU blit" programs really patch all system functions that use the blitter."

So... Maybe a reason to update FBlit?

This too:

"The Amiga Reloaded will use the same expansion port as the ACA500 and ACA500plus for a networking card. This will give you 100MBit Ethernet at a considerably lower price than the X-Surf-100, yet with the same kind of performance of the product."

And 200€ is a fair price, the right one for it.

What I don't have clear is if I will be able to use my ACA 1230/56 and ACA 1231/42.
I don't think he will add any USB option and no idea of how the clockport will be improved.

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