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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Do you understand the purpose of this board properly?
Yes but I am disapointed.

Originally Posted by TheBilgeRat View Post
Ummm... specs are "A500/A1200". this isn't an A4000/rtg/mediator replacement.

If you want "horsepower" then buy a big box amiga. This thing hits the absolute sweet spot for most everyone that isn't running alladin or toaster.
I have big box amiga but it is so slow...
Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
You are true about somekind of improvement for sound like a mas player, and the same about graphics or RTG.

I don't know if they could make a complete improvement in all of the specs taking much more time - a year or maybe more- instead of wasting the few chips they have.
Yes it is only wasting precious chipsets.We getting castrated amiga with very limited possibility of expansion.Even if CF card slot will work at 14mb/sec on standard configuration what is for ? For old games in whdload which most of them weight less than 3,5MB ?
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