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So who really created Quik and Silva?

Hall of Light provides the following credits on the Adventures of Quik and Silva:

Coder : Andreas Breebruck
Graphician : Markus Kohlmann
Musician : Chris Hülsbeck (Huelsbeck)

However, the first two seem to be a cheap pun on the following names: (for people from Germany it's really obvious)

Andreas Breebruck = Andrew Braybrook (Graftgold)
Markus Kohlmann = Mark Coleman (Bitmap Brothers)

Rumour has it that Quik and Silva was actually created by Factor 5 and uses the Turrican II engine. Thus, the real coder would be Holger Schmidt with graphics by Andreas Escher.

The question remains: Why didn't they use their real names and chose pseudonyms instead? Looking at Quik and Silva we can see that it probably infringes on several copyrights (there are elements in the level maps that look like Super Mario, Sonic is an enemy, Nebulus is in there too). After the experience with Giana Sisters probably nobody wanted to risk a lawsuit.

Still, it would be nice to have some definite information on who is actually responsible for this game. It really plays and feels like the Turrican II engine. But as of now, HOL still has these dummy credits with "Andreas Breebruck" and "Markus Kohlmann" who most certainly don't exist.

I think we need to find out who is really responsible for this game and then update the credits accordingly, i.e.

Coder: Holger Schmidt (as Andreas Breebruck)
Graphics: Andreas Escher (as Markus Kohlmann)

But first we need to find out if it's really Schmidt & Escher who were responsible for this game!

Anybody here who knows more and can shed some light unto this mystery? Maybe Chris Hülsbeck knows more? At least he's the only one who is credited for this game without being hidden behind a pseudonym.
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