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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Jens, which version of Kickstart do you plan to include?
They are on holidays, you know?

What concerns me now is this:

Power supply

The Amiga Reloaded will use a modern laptop power supply as it's only power source. Input voltage may range from 14V to 19V DC. Modern DC-DC voltage regulators will provide proper regulation of all local voltages with enough power reserves for top-notch expansions. At the same time, the choice of local DC-DC conversion eliminates cross-regulation trouble that most PC power supplies are exhibiting these days.
Even with today's standards, the Amiga can be considered a low-power system. The Amiga Reloaded will add to this property with it's very high-efficiency switching regulators.

I want that DC-DC converter now !!!!!

Edit: It won't be expensive. They will sell the C64 PSU for around 13€, and this adapter will have something that doesn't exist: it will detect the amount of volts in the psu cable plug connnected to the amiga and it will change that to deliver exactly the right amount of necessary volts.

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