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Thanks to Neil for the feedback - in terms of the two points made in the short review

" the lack of smoothness when changing directions from back and forth to up and down. Instead of having a smooth movement it was generally very jerky -"

This seems to be a bigger issue when playing using an emulator - unfortunately the only two options I have - is one change the main sprite to a smaller ship or two only have the player ship facing one direction and the fire changes in the direction you move - which I think is similar in the original Empire of Steam

"Another issue which I hope will be improved is related to the fast drop animation of the points and credits which fall from enemies. This is pretty difficult with long tailed enemies that are moving up, with points dropping down and you can't get underneath without getting hurt ( You'll see what I mean when you play it ). "

This one is slightly easier to solve - I can remove the enemy baddie which comes from the bottom of the screen - the speed the bonus tiles fall seems faster than on a real amiga - playing on my Amiga 1200 which has extra ram and blizzard - it is easier to collect the bonus points for all the enemies bar the ones which appear from the middle bottom or top of screen.

Level 3 was almost ready to include with the two level demo but I had a disk error which wipped out the attack patterns I had set - I also want to draw a new enemey for level 3 - so perhaps 2 weeks until the 3 level demo is released.

In terms of the number of lives and credits to give the player at the start - any recommendations greatly received.

Retro-Nerd - Glad you like the music - I hope the chap who did the conversion of Rob Hubbards commando music is happy with being referenced - not sure if I can obtain a contact address to request using it - he did make it available on Aminet - If anyone has any title music which they would be happy for me to use instead then PM me.
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