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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Well, yes, they are

There's numerous small utilities, but they're of no consequence. I created the Spectrum emulator ZXSpin in collaboration with a few members of the team, and we released the source when work stopped on that. It's quite popular - one of the all-time top-rated emulators for accuracy and ease of use, not to mention features that no other emulators have even now.

Then there's BASin, an IDE for creating Sinclair Spectrum software - also includes an emulator, with the IDE integrated into it:

It includes source editor, graphics/sprite editors, binary manipulation tools and a suite of debuggers that allow you watch what the BASIC interpreter (inside the emulated Spectrum) is doing at any level you choose.

The source for that is public domain.

Finally, my current project is SpecBAS - A "remake" of Sinclair BASIC with support for more colours, more speed, better sound, sprites and... well, everything I could think of. It's not terribly popular, but among those that are using it, it's well loved and a steady stream of requests for new features keeps my interest fresh.

The source for that is GPL.

There's currently some interest from a certain well-known figure's company in my work, and it looks like I'll be taking that job on soon - all based on the above projects. That project will likely be closed source though.

The way I see it is that I open my source up in case anyone wants to study it. It's unlikely that any of it will be popular enough for anyone else to want to fork or improve it, and as far as improvements go I'm more comfortable doing that myself - that's not to say that I wouldn't accept changes though.

Wish somebody do something similar for Blitz Basic, that TED sometimes suck
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