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@toni: i was thinking of making the output properties a bit more intuitive.

especially the button 'avi output enabled' is a little confusing, as it gives the impression that capturing is limited to video output only. maybe it should be renamed to 'start capturing' or something similar. centering that button would be helpful too. in the same way paths\videos: should be modified, maybe to 'captured audio/video'.

i would also favour a kind of an autoswitch, depending on your output methods choice. so if only an audio codec was selected, then automatically change to winuae-audio.wav (and winuae-video.avi) for instance.

specifying a filename would remain optional then with no need to worry about the right extension - or an autocounter winuae-audio001.wav could be introduced, in case one does mass capturing

that's a quick and dirty summary of my twisted suggestions.

is this possible, what do you think?
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