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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Just buy a decent looking AWIA stereo from about 6+ years ago and fit mobo in it as they used same CD Mechanism. Im sure you can find a SONY stereo too.
Ha ha.
I brought back an old AWIA stereo from my parents recently.
The CD32 I bought could not read CD-R's and I was 'I wonder if I still have the CD drive from that AWIA'.

I go and have a look through my junk parts and sure enough it is the same laser unit (although 'B' version)

However... The AWIA CD unit started skipping back in the day, so sure enough once fitted to the CD32 it was no good. But I did find it funny that I just happened to have the same unit!

My sister also had an AWIA stereo that is still at my parents. I will have to retrieve that one next time I am back (I solved CD32 CD-R issue with cheap eBay unit).
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