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There is nothing personal with you Akira so please stop acting and writing like you were Brian's representative. He's an adult so he can step in whenever he finds the time to do so.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I think your calling him out in the public here is far worse.
Worse, why really? I didn't insult him? I just want to make him read the PMs, is it that bad? It seems that he has negative past as far as communication is concerned.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You can do and say all you want about how you would handle a situation, but you are not him so the way you do things (or not) doesn't apply to others necessarily.
This doesn't really make any sense at all. I didn't suggest any "good practice" for God's sake. It's plain to see what i intend with this thread why can't you just see it?

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Everyone has vouched for kipper and told you that no, there isn't a problem, but you keep on with your position even using arguments that aren't true like the above stated one pertaining private messages.
Everyone? Right! 4 people (including you) replied. 2 of them just suggested a way to go, another one made a humorous comment and only you complained about it. Anyway, i wouldn't like to bump the thread with useless comments so, to cut a long story short, Brian if you are reading this please contact me.
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