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Originally Posted by portarinos View Post
as soon as he visits the forum, the pop up for the unread PMs is always there, you cant really miss it.
NOT true, you can DISABLE this feature and if kipper gets bombarded with messages as much as I think he is, I wouldn't be surprised he did.

And no, you can't show a message as unread to the sender if you have clicked on it. So if it is marked as unread, he did -not- read it.

Originally Posted by portarinos View Post
It's just an annoying attitude, don't you think?
I think your calling him out in the public here is far worse.

You can do and say all you want about how you would handle a situation, but you are not him so the way you do things (or not) doesn't apply to others necessarily.

You barged in here asking if anyone had a problem with him recently. Everyone has vouched for kipper and told you that no, there isn't a problem, but you keep on with your position even using arguments that aren't true like the above stated one pertaining private messages.

If you are not trying to "ruin his image" I really don't understand what the purpose is of this thread after you have been told by many not to worry.
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