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Ok - attached hopefully is the two level demo of Kingdoms of Steam.

The game was / is being made using the Reality Game Engine

and the shoot em up skeleton disk.

I will probably start a new thread on creating shoot em ups with Reality and keep this one to talking about Kingdoms of Steam - so please only comment on things you would like to be changed about the game in this thread and post questions about reality game creator to the other one.

In terms of Kingdoms of Steam - it is inspire by the Megadrive game Empires of Steel - which also got ported to the GBA and NDS.

[ Show youtube player ]

The aim of the game is to defeat the different steam fleets and return peace to the kingdom.

When you blow up the enemy ships they drop points / credits which you must collect so you can have money to spend in the shop.

To access the shop you must press space (don't know if it is possible to modify the start up sequence and make the second fire button register as the space bar?)

The dragon like enemy cannot be killed no mater how many times you shoot it - the aim is just to avoid it.

Things which cannot be added to the game, (unless someone is prepared to modify the source code which I am not sure is possible) is in game music or a high score table or change the scrolling speed or the speed of the enemies - but hey there are always draw backs with using creators.

The max number of levels you could probably fit to a single adf is probably six. I have a third level almost ready to add - a fourth level could be finished in 4 weeks if there is enough demand.

A CD32 or hard drive version could be made with an extended story setting intro.

I ve deliberately increased the number of lives and provided some credits at the start of the game - so people can play test it and advise on difficulty. The main questions being

Should you be able to kill the dragon type enemy
Should the baddies be harder to kill
Should your ships shields decrease by a small amount when you hit an enemy
Should the power ups last longer or shorter periods of time
Should the asteroid sections be longer or shorter
Should the big Dragon and big ship end of section guardians take longer or shorter time to kill / destroy.
How many lives should be provided in the final version
Should any credits be provided at the start of the game

Big thank you to Wayne Ashworth for helping out with the title screen / game over and game completion screen - his name really should appear in the credits.

Hope you enjoy the demo or at least find it useful to know what shoot em ups can be made using Reality - I know there have been threads questioning why there is so few homebrew titles made on the Amiga compared to C64 and spectrum - part of it is probably due to a lack of easy to use software creation kits - not sure Reality is the answer but it is one option to consider if you have no progamming knowledge but enjoy making level maps and graphics - who knows it might inspire a programmer to contact you to use the sprites in a newly written shoot em up game engine.
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