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Originally Posted by SWIV View Post
I don`t know to be honest,I believe in just letting retro stuff just age naturally and show evidence of getting chipped and knocked about and I have no idea why someone would want to spray paint a retro system...
Congratulations, you have a healthy psychological make-up and approach to life, ageing and decay. I wish I was wired like that. For the OCD types there's therapy or anally-retentive restoration projects.

After a bit of Googling all I could find was a white CD32, though this looks like it came out of the factory like that. Was this an official variation? I'm not sure I get it. Most of the previous Amiga models were white so why would you want to ditch the distinctive gun-metal hue that sets the CD32 apart from the crowd?

I'm not planning on spraying mine, mostly just curious. What I've settled on is making a custom badge, either by printing a transfer, or painting the metal logo plate. It doesn't appear to be too easy to get out without damaging the plastic around it though. I'm not going to go jabbing a screwdriver under it.

Edit: I found the answer to my white CD32 question here.

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