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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Ocean were quite cheeky and used DOS cracks with the intros removed for at least a few budget re-releases. Just goes to show that piracy wasn't all bad!
Originally Posted by Akira View Post
really? That's incredible.
Yeh, Mr.Larmer point-blank refused to support them in his Ocean game patches when I supplied the Hit Squad versions way back when. I wasn't so bothered until he refused to support a version of Cover Girl Poker that I mail ordered from the UK just to use with his patch. He decided to support that one after I did an impersonation of the Queen and told him I wasn't amused!

Originally Posted by tomead View Post
Abandon, is the new version of the slave going to support other versions. I have two versions that are not supported by Jeff's slave. One is an original release and the other is a GHB budget re-release which are both in mfm format. Imager works with both. They maybe be both the same version not sure.
Well, I've already upped the GBH budget re-release to the Zone. dlfrsilver has included it along with an extended ADF of the original release (both MFM) in a "James Pond" pack in the Zone. Do your versions differ from the ones in the archive?
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