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Amiga 30 video - my film

Amiga 30

My Amiga 30 film , quickly done ...hey I'm tired but here are the bits i caught...

in-between chatting to RJ , Jens and others...oh and beer and food.

its still uploading so it could be a while....

[ Show youtube player ]


[ Show youtube player ]

Well today is Monday ....

and I'm shattered now, yes John its caught up with me! my feet hurt and one eye is particularly tired (from looking at pretty girls in Amsterdam? ) but I'm home safe. my video is uploading to youtube and its probably as complete as it will be, the bits i missed will always be missed and i have a bunch of photos but they are pretty much covered by real video.

So how was the event?

in a word, AWESOME! Yes it was a small event and in a small pub but it was very well organised and the guest list was brilliant. I would like to shout out HELLO to all the guys we met and a ultra special hello and thanks for all the laughs to RJ Mical. You sir are a legend.

Dave Haynie imparted knowledge in truck loads and even though he was bleary eyed and deeply hung over , still somehow managed to find the bar and keep chatting with a smile. I was almost tempted to join in a conversation but the large words , technical expertise and off the cuff dripping knowledge led me to steer clear. His conversion was something like " Yeah MOS could only fabricate a limited pin size so after that we had to out source but we eventually cross multiplexed and re routed the DMA over the channels to achieve the same speed etc etc" i gave up at this point and got a beer.

The amiga walker was on display but it was resting when ever i went to look at was on briefly. The Amiga X1000 and humble A1000 sat next to each other - i think they had a flight or a love in at some point.

I had some great conversations with the German Sales manager of Commodore , a really nice guy. Jens was happy to be selling a suitcase full of stuff and he was grinning happily after his speech.

Mr Skilgannon was beaming with Joy and smile so wide it could be matched by his equally happily daughter as Jon hare came on stage and started playing his sensible toons.

On reflection we should of bought the VIP boat tickets and a boat trip with the guys after the show but hey it was a long day anyway.

Fitzy, myself, John and Joanna had an awesome day and a great weekend in Amsterdam. Respect and thanks to everyone involved.


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