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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
That will work. Prep the CF card on your PC with a USB card reader. Plug it via an adapter into the IDE port inside the A1200 instead of the HD and it will boot.

You cannot boot from the PCMCIA connector.
Thanks Alex Ah right honestly didn't realise you didn't have to have something connected to df0 in order to boot. I know the hard drive definitely has stuff on it (just in order to test to see if it works when I've finished cleaning).

With the BBlonde cream, i don't have a UV light, so it looks like I might have to either do a couple of applications, or see if we get some decent sun this week

Hmm I'm not too sure now whether I'm best cleaning the keyboard, connecting it back up and trying to boot the 1200 before cleaning the motherboard. What do you reckon? From the photos it's pretty clean anyway, just the odd flecks of rust which need sucking up. The only other places I have noticed rust are around the screwholes on the motherboard. Not sure if this would be a problem (i.e. if the rust can somehow spread onto more of the pcb?)

Btw, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum!

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