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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
The G5 (a 2.0Ghz DP (A1047) with ATI Radeon 9600, 4GB RAM, PowerMac 7.5) was a clean install of MorphOS 3.9 but it seemed to regularly freeze. Sound would work intermittently. Sometimes it would be fine other times it just refused to initialise.
Hmm.. only PowerMac 7,2 and 7,3 are supported, I guess it must be either of those. But maybe a bug report would be worth making? You can report bugs from the Support tab in About MorphOS window on the live system. It sends the technical information of your system to the developers and maybe they could identify the problem.

BTW. did you check the debug log (from the debug screenbar module for example), if there was any hits (looong list of output lines) which would tell that there is something nasty going on?

With the 3.8 these would be more obvious, but if it really was with the one week old 3.9 (released Jun 19th) too... haven't seen such reports elsewhere.

Was there any gfx slowdown or any other issues when you got the audio problems?

Several programs that worked on the G4 such as Poly Organiser worked on the G4 after a bit of library installation on the G5 it would not and I installed the one missing library it refused to acknowledge it.
That sounds really weird... it would be interesting to find out what the real issue has been there...

Also I could not get the Airport card to connect and stay connected. This is probably due to my network being WPA2 so it just connected and disconnected. Setting up DNS servers refused to work even when it did connect.
WPA2 should work just fine. In fact it's harder to configure the system lower security encryptions like WEP (you need to edit configuration files manually for it). Only the best encryptions are supported from the GUI.

In my experience with G4 laptops the WPA2 connection has been stable, although not the best quality always. But wired connection is the best always.
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