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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
Well I am sure that after a few weeks of testing MorphOS while ok, is just not up to scratch for what I want.

The G4 while ok seems to require more processing power than I actually have.

The G5 it seems totally unstable and locks up at the slightest volition and the AHI sound keeps cutting out.

Trust me I have been testing it for over two weeks and it needs just a lot more work to make it worthwhile for me to invest in it. It's not bad but not great either.
What was the G4 you tried it on? In any case I'd recommend >1GHz ones if you want to surf with nowaday's bloated web sites. Lesser should be quite snappy for other uses though.

G5 experience sounds quite unusual. In what situation AHI cuts out? And stability should be similar with any other machine... is this with clean system or did you install some potentially unstable stuff like Chrysalis pack?

And most importantly, did you use MorphOS 3.9, and not 3.8 which had a major bug on certain G5 machines (7,2 model IIRC)? Now to think, you might been using the very buggy one, because the fixed 3.9 is only a week old. In that case you didn't get the correct impression at all...
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