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Porting Gargoyles and Cliffhanger from Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)

Chris Shrigley has released the source codes and data files to several games he programmed for the Sega Genesis in the 90s on this site:

Highlights include Disney's Gargoyles, a 1995 jump'n'run smash hit, and the real version of Cliffhanger. You probably know that the Amiga version of Cliffhanger is a shitty port of the NES version and was given 18% by Amiga Format in 1994. The Genesis version looks much better, though.

As the Genesis is 68000 based as well, I'd like to ask whether it is possible to port these games to the Amiga? The source code is all pure 68000 assembler so only the graphics and sound things would have to be adapted. Is that doable for experienced programmers or is it too much work?

It would certainly be nice to have the real Cliffhanger version on the Amiga, not the cheap NES port Psygnosis gave us back in 1994. Looking at the source code, the Genesis Cliffhanger seems to use TUME so probably the TUME engine used by Global Gladiators or Cool Spot could be easily used here?

Gargoyles is probably too demanding for an A500 but could probably be ported to AGA machines. Gargoyles is a real smash hit, certainly one of the best jump'n'runs on the Genesis and on par to games like Earthworm Jim. Being able to play this on an A1200 would be a dream come true. Just check out this video:
[ Show youtube player ]

Anyone up for the job? The source codes and all data files are available for download... we only need someone with the skills to adapt these for the Amiga!
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