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Originally Posted by copse View Post
Have you released many open source projects? You get moaning from users who demand you do work to fix huge problems, which often are just trivial annoyances. Your time is not worth anything. And then you release something which people have time and time again asked for the source for, and no-one does anything with it.
Yeah, pretty much all my code is open source. Some are PD, some are GPL. A couple have been phenomenally popular but none have been picked up when I stopped coding - and yes, I still get requests to go back to them and implement new stuff.

And really, not knowing how to program is not an excuse. It has never been a better time to learn how to code, with stackoverflow, reddit and internet forums.
I'm actually working on that at the moment - looks like I'll be helping with a new British initiative to get kids coding again, but it will unfortunately [i]not[i] be open sourced

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