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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Chances are that it will no longer be his wheel, though. Might not want to release his source once he realises that.
Have you released many open source projects? You get moaning from users who demand you do work to fix huge problems, which often are just trivial annoyances. Your time is not worth anything. And then you release something which people have time and time again asked for the source for, and no-one does anything with it.

A programmer who reads this kind of selfishness attributed to them, will see it as a shallow maneuver to guilt them into doing what the poster wants.

Reading this thread, and the posts like this, make me less likely to open source things as a programmer.

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
As a culture we learn and grow through grieving. If a coder dies and his code goes with him, it's important that we grieve the loss of his code if not the coder. How can we become more than we are now if we keep softening the blow?
Their code doesn't go with them. As long as you have the binary, there are options.

If someone really wanted it, they have options to get an open version. They could disassemble it and recreate it. Or they could clone it and write it from scratch. And really, not knowing how to program is not an excuse. It has never been a better time to learn how to code, with stackoverflow, reddit and internet forums.

It all comes down to whose time is worth anything to the person who wants the code. WinUAE is the ultimate case in point, as is MAME or the Dolphin emulator. Then there is MasterSeka, AsmOne and Trash'm'One, long time examples of reverse engineered Amiga software which were then improved.

I'm not saying it's not a loss when old code is lost, but I am saying is that there are options if the what the code makes is worth the time and effort of whoever really wants what it is when compiled. But it's easier to just post bemoaning how others won't give you their hard work for free, yet again dismissing the thousands of hours of work you put into it.
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