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Here are a few examples of WinUAE 3.1.0 A500 configuration settings for an old PC.

The configurations were tested on my "outdated" Pentium M 2.13 MHz laptop with WindowsXP SP3 OS system!

Even the cycle-exact configuration working quite decent,
but the approximate configuration is really good balance between compatibility and the need for a fast processor,
so the laptop is less noisy because, yeah, the processor is less heated.

There are 4 configurations -> Direct3D or DirectDraw and Cycle-exact or Approximate.
All are adjusted for fullscreen too. (Note: "LCtrl + F12" to switch between window/fullscreen!)

Hope that some of this configurations might be useful to others with "outdated PC" too!

NOTE: Only "cycle-exact" configurations are valid for reporting possible problems in emulation!

Also, configurations are set so that minimize unwanted occurrences in emulation...
for example, screen tearing, audio and input delay are reduced as much as possible retaining min necessary CPU resources! (also to improve the overall experience)

In addition, the approximate configuration is adjusted to be "more compatible" than just to turn OFF cycle-exact! (hmm, how is that possible?!)
(yeah, possible because of lot of testing with demos)


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