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Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
I like the older Amigas and don't think ppc hardware as anything to do with them,they are more close to Apple than Amiga.
Like said, it's if you consider hw or the sw. Hardwarewise next gen machines are close to Apple, PC, or any other industry standard machine, but what counts on them is the operating system, and with Amiga compatible operating systems it's not Apple or Microsoft at all. It's Amiga all the way. You have the familiar shell commands, same directory structure with libraries etc, lovely ARexx, DOpus and other beloved software, icons, pulldown menus, screens and everything you loved in Intuition, but also more.

If you went all the way with classic Amigas, you noticed how the importance of the operating system became the major factor, and that continues with the next gen systems. Many people didn't use the custom chips etc that much after they upgraded their Amigas with 030 or better accelerators and started to use CPU drawing instead of the blitter etc. And even less when they went to RTG boards and AHI. It's actually the very low end Amigas where the HW was the major thing.

It's very rude to say that it doesn't have "anything to do with them", even when you specify that you're talking purely about the hardware, but that gives a wrong impression to many people, because Amiga was and is much more than just the hardware. :/

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