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WinUAE 3.2.0 beta series

PCI Bridges, more HD controllers, genlock "emulation", possibly more to come (A2410 and some PCI board(s), perhaps even more..)

Main rule: Before reporting, make sure bug is NOT in previous offical version. (If it is -> post in separate thread). No feature requests.

More information:

Beta 1:

- Emulated sprite undocumented special case, sprite start hpos from 2 to 9 will be visible at the very far right overscan border of display.
- WinPCap network mode didn't detect any devices (broken some time ago)
- ROM type configuration for expansion sub devices. SupraDrive A2000 DMA does not anymore list incompatible AMABx ROMs. (A2000 DMA model ROM is still MIA)
- Improved SCSI/IDE controller init log messages.
- Fastlane and Z3 RAM configured: use Fastlane Z3 RAM autoconfig data.
- Handle recursive default_xlate() calls, can happen if autoconfig mapping is really bad.
- Accelerator with GVP Series II SCSI controller + GVP Series II SCSI expansion controller combination didn't work.
- Accelerators that include autoconfig RAM (Only GVP A530 currently) now include matching RAM autoconfig parameter data.
- WASAPI audio init may have caused crash if some WASAPI query functions returned error code.
- Implemented support framework for PCI bridges.
- dm debugger command shows PCI bridges and PCI boards.
- Added DKB Wildfire accelerator board.
- Check and halt if any illegal autoconfig remap is done. (Instead of causing pointless reset loop)
- Added support for ECS Denise genlock features. (Did any program ever use ECS genlock features?)
- Expansions boards without ROM now have simple enable/disable checkbox.
- PCI Realtek 8029 added from QEMU (NE2000 clone), automatically connected to any enabled PCI bridge.
- Moved accelerator and expansion board GUI items to new Expansions panel. Old Expansion panel is now RTG settings only panel.
- More 68030 data cache emulation fixes.
- Added generic SASI (SCSI predecessor) controller emulation and SASI HD GUI selection.
- Added Tecmar T-Card/T-Disk expansion/SASI HD controller.
- Added Xebec 9720H HD controller.
- Audio period modulation with zero period value stopped modulated channel.
- Blizzard 1230IV default ROM was incorrect.
- If no physical/virtual CD drives available and image drive was not manually selected: automatically select empty image drive. Previously emulated drive was removed.
- Blizzard SCSI Kit IV configuration weirdness fixed, old config is not compatible anymore.
- SSE2 capable CPU is now required.
- If you use WINE, 1.7.44 or newer required.
- Files are now 7zip compressed.

New Most Pointless Feature Ever:
- Genlock emulation can now replace transparent pixels with noise pattern or static image.
- Implements also ECS new genlock features (I still think there is no software that uses them..)
- Transparency control.

DKB Wildfire:
- Interesting design, SCSI and ethernet chips are connected to internal PCI bus that boot ROM initializes. (Reason why PCI bridge emulation had to exist first. This actually was the original trigger for PCI bridge emulation implementation, simple, extremely easy to do tests, only needed to start emulation and results were visible in 1 second!)
- SCSI is emulated, uses same QEMU 53c895 emulation as CSPPC.
- Ethernet is not emulated.
- Boot ROM is stored in 2*32k parallel EEPROM chips. Wildfire flash update program supported but but modified data is not saved back to rom image file.
- ROM image is from install disk.
- Boot menu (keep right mouse button pressed while booting) options are not yet saved to file, it looks like it is saved to 3rd(!) Flash/EEPROM chip via 53C815 built-in ROM support circuitry. High resolution image of the board is needed.
- Board config space ($ffff0000) bits are not emulated, except 68000 mode which only halts the emulation.

PCI bridges:
- Wildfire with 53C815 chip connected to first internal PCI slot.
- Prometheus.
- G-REX. NOTE: only supported by latest 44.71 CSPPC/BPPC boot ROM.
- Mediator 1200TX and 4000MK2. (If you have other model, please contact me)
- Only 53C815 (Wildfire only) and Realtek 8029 PCI devices implemented so far.

Try not to ask non-emulation related PCI bridge questions (like which driver to use, where to find them, how to install them, how to configure 8029 driver and so on..), thanks.

Tecmar T-Card/T-Disk:
- The very first Amiga harddrive controller.
- No autoboot, no automount, no RDB.
- KS 1.0 and 1.1 compatible, possibly also earlier version. Not KS 1.2+ compatible.
- SASI controller, make sure SASI drive type is selected.
- Implements old style autoconfig that was documented in first HRM revision, Appendix_G, Disk based autoconfig driver ("xbus.resource"). Not compatible with KS 1.2+ ROM based expansion.device. Possibly the only released hardware with old style autoconfig.
- Memory board emulated (Use second fast ram slider, autoconfig must be disabled).
- Clock emulated.

Xebec 9720H:
- Another very early Amiga harddrive controller.
- No autoboot, no automount, no RDB, SASI.
- Not autoconfig, hardwired at $600000.
- 5380 based, on-board 16k SRAM, 5380<>SRAM DMA. SRAM<>CPU PIO.
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