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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
It's tricky, especially if a lot of your work involves interfacing with modern websites.
That is because the web has lost its way with adhering to standards. My main machine is locked down, no flash, adblock pro etc, and it doesn't work with lots of websites either. As most of the functionality broken is for tracking and other undesireable side effects of the "modern" web, I consider that a feature not a problem.

For a student, preparing large documents is a treat and I'll be doing my end of year report on mine. I think with Samba, the options open up even more because you can have a linux machine with a print and file server.
Its a linux server, I use nfs. My amiga mounts my file shares over nfs and the mounts show up in wb as a drive. It predates the smb "standard" by years and works better unless your in a mixed with windows machine environment. I stream 1080p over nfs every day.
The irony is different versions of windows struggle with talking to each other because of the way microsoft altered smb over the years to break linux compatibility and if you must use smb, then a linux pdc gives you more compatibility than a microsoft one, but I digress...

email and IRC are also workable from what I've read, but I haven't tried them yet. The problem is that modern emails come with attachments that the Amiga generally won't recognise so maybe the fulcrum of making the Amiga more relevant today is having datatypes for more modern filetypes.
What, you mean the amiga with its non x86 arch and not having typhoid mary of email clients installed (outlook) means you can no longer open phishing and general malware attacks? say it isnt so.
Someone sends me a email, it should be compatible with the actual email standard or spam assassin on the inbound mail server will have eaten it already. If I'm on a crap link (out the office on a laptop tethered to a phone thats struggling to maintain edge let alone 4g for eg) I often use pine to cut down on the bandwidth to sift through my inbox on a mailserver, and if pine running under a text only ssh session can cope, any amiga email client should cope. Mostly the people who don't conform to this vision of how things should be are scammers or not of interest.

I've got a amiga for nostalgia because I had a early 1.2 and it got me started on a career in low level coding stuff, so I have it for nostalgia, but there are certain advantages to being on a arch that nobody writes malware for any more and none of the traditional shellcode attacks work on. The attack footprint is very small, and you can easily get raw into the os to do bespoke things...
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