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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
It's a good thing the WHDLoad install was brought up though, as something about it always puzzled me. JOTD acknowledged in his readme the supposed existence of a plain DOS-disk (i.e. non-MFM) budget version of the game that could be imaged with plain DIC. I acquired a disk of the GBH re-release a year or two ago, ran it through Kryoflux and was disappointed to find it was still in MFM format. Did JOTD get confused with another version, or even a crack?
Might've just been a typo or a simple memory lapse - the GBH re-release I upped to the Zone was MFM. Can't say I've come across anything different on the GBH label for James Pond.

IIRC DOS versions of games originally released in MFM format occurred a bit more on Ocean's Hit Squad label. Ocean were quite cheeky and used DOS cracks with the intros removed for at least a few budget re-releases. Just goes to show that piracy wasn't all bad!
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