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Special Guests Confirmed!

Guest Schedule:

Stories! The blood and gore from the trenches! We know you can provide some epic ones and withal we’ve got a setlist of people with knowledge to share, including but not limited to:

Probably the most important asset in the history of the Amiga.

Dave Haynie
Former Commodore engineer. Has seen it all. Responsible for electrical fires.

David Pleasance
Former general manager of Commodore UK Ltd. Mastermind behind the planned management buy-out.

RJ Mical
Had a significant hand in the creation of the Amiga. Has a beard too.

Franck Sauer
Artist. Mind the capital ‘A’. Shaped visuals in Unreal and Agony.

István Fábián
Creator of Abandoned Places 1 & 2. Amiga copy protections oracle.

Jon Hare
War… never been so much fun. Founder of Sensible Software. Give the man a guitar!

Christian Bartsch
Worked at Cachet Software and caused screen burn to many 1084 monitors. *Poing!*

DJ Echo
From Jesus on Es to Amsterdam on Es. Not only the CDTV and CD32 combined Amiga and lasers!

Jens Schönfeld
Jens creates hardware, tried and true, and – again – brings something new!

Mike Dailly
The DMA Design staffer behind Grand Theft Auto, Shadow of the Beast and Lemmings.

Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott
A.k.a. TechGuruUK & The4mula. They took the Amiga to YouTube, now they take on Amsterdam!

Petro Tyschtschenko
Last emperor of Amiga. Walks the Walker and sells a book.

Trevor Dickinson
The ONE who put the X in Amiga!

Joe Pillow
Joined the mile high club in 1984.

Carl Sassenrath
The multitasking revolutionary, creator of Amiga OS kernel, and part-time winemaker.

Frank Geisler
Worked at Commodore Büromaschinen GmbH. Digging up internal memos as well as good stories.

Allister Brimble
Warning! Destruction imminent!

Andrew Barnabas
Fought Double Dragons and made so much SWIV music it hurts. Also, gifted musician.

Chris Huelsbeck
Father of the tracker and serial video game music composer.

Factor 5
Forged many hit games like the well known Turrican series.

Matthew Leaman
If you need AmigaKit he's the "Go-to Guy".


Amsterdam, June 23rd 2015 – Good news for every Amiga fan who would have liked to be present at this weekend’s Amiga 30 Anniversary event in Amsterdam – but can’t make it.

CYMTV will stream the entire event live over the internet – all you need is the (free) Android App and you will be able to witness the entire event, including interviews with all the big Amiga names that are present in Amsterdam on the 27th of June.

The App is called “StreamUnlimited” and can be downloaded for free in Google’s Play Store or directly from Versions for other operating systems than Android are not available.

CYMTV is using their revolutionary “Active Cloud Streaming” technology, which saves up to 90% on bandwidth costs when streaming live video over the internet. The technology can be used to broadcast TV channels over the internet, but can also be used to broadcast live events, such as concerts, sports events or this Saturday’s Amiga 30 anniversary event!
For more information, please contact or visit

I dont have android, so am hoping for a PC stream, as I paid money for it I should be able to view the stream. I'm hoping they sort this out.

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