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Cheers guys. Will definitely get the caps replaced if I send it off to them Got my bblonde cream, cling film and isopropyl. In the end only Maplins sold it (in Manchester at least). I didn't4 really fancy ordering it off ebay if honest.

Edit (18:59 25/06/2015)
Got back today with the stuff, and tbh Maplins seemed to be the only place in Manchester that sold Isopropyl. One of the boots advised where to go, and the pharmacist in superdrug said they used to sell it. That's out of about 12 shops (one of the others gave me a shifty look --- No I just look rought this morning lol).

I also found the PSU which is only 25w and does seem quite old. Tempted to try it, but if not I'll just pick up another.

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