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1) I dont have the Demobase installed, so this will be no good help.
Did you downloaded the Demobase from eab ftp server?
this file:
Demobase Amiga V3 Emulator + extra files NO WB OR
is missing some important files. the Wb31.hdf or workbench.hdf which you need to make it work properly.
the original file is called "Demobase Amiga V3 Emulator + extra"
maybe you can find it elsewhere.

2) the hdf files from the demobase do not have a operating system (workbench)
on them and are not bootable, so just a double click does not work.

3) if demobase is properly configured, it would load the wb31.hdf and adds the demo-hdf
which you are choosing in the menu.
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