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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
With the A600 you should consider buying a cheap Gotek floppy disk emulator and the HxC firmware. (~£30 all in)

Then you just put the floppy disk images on a USB stick. Boot. Select from a list on the Amiga screen. Reboot. Play.

WHDload is a little heavy going for A600 with no RAM. Gotek will work just fine.

I think I just used a pair of pliers. Maybe a flat blade screw driver. Take care. Don't break anything. Why not just leave it rusty. clean it best you can.

You're never going to use the modulator again. Why not get someone to remove it? A few hard to budge solders and maybe a screw and then gone.

The extra space is perfect for adding an extra I/O (like a HDMI port).
Thanks I'll definitely have a look at that for the 600.
Tbh yeah I'm tempted to leave the rf modulator be - maybe put the board on its side and gently use an emery board on the top plate.

The plastic board section of the keyboard was easy emough to clean - just some warm water with a little non bleach dettol.

I'll probably send the 1200 off to amigakit to have the rf modulator removed as they seem like a decent bunch to do business with

I need to pop out tomorrow for:-
Electrical contact cleaning fluid for keyboard membrane

Isopropyl - cant remember if this is for rhe motherboard or the keys?

BBlonde Hydrogen peroxide to whiten case and keys - read that this stuff from superdrug is only a quid and nigh on just as good as the retro bright formula

Please correct me if wrong though

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