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Getting Demobase to work

I am trying to set up demobase and running into too many misunderstandings?
First of all I am finding how little I understand Winae. For example. There are a set of config files that load up I think Aros which when I F12 go to click on a demo in the HDF folder I switch thne floppy drive to HDF and nothing happens. Do I need to unzip my hdf ffiles. The Adf files are kept zipped and work just fine. What am I not understanding?

Another thing is that In Winuae configs. None of the configuration files that preexist every show up when you visit the directory. This happens with the Amiga Forever configs. They don't show up it happens with the Amiga demobase configs they don't show up. Outside an Amiga they will load winuae but then when I click on the HDF files it won't run.

Is it me or is the amiga extremely complicated to use I got gamebase to work but anything else Amiga related seems to not be working yet. Also where is the SPS mdb and the WHDLoad mdb I don't see any. Am I looking for things that don't exist. Sorry I really am trying to set up demobase and gamebase won't recognize it. I have done exactly the same with other gamebases and they work but I can't get demobase to. So what am I misunderstanding?
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