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Uncle Art Kickstarter is Back!

The re-launched Uncle Art Kickstarter is now launched!

Dave Lowe soon releases & remakes his classic retro-gaming music including a full orchestral recording of Frontier Elite 2 at Abbey Road!

The main pinnacles of this Kickstarter project; - the recording of the Main and Second theme of Frontier with the Chamber Orchestra Of London (a highly acclaimed session orchestra responsible for the themes from Halo 4, Harry Potter films and Downton Abbey) at the famous and greatest sounding studio, Abbey Road!

A new video has been recorded for this project, along with new themes. Check it out on their kickstarter page:

It became clear in making the audio teaser for this Kickstarter that to try and record the Frontier main theme true to its original intended form in any other manner than a full orchestral piece was just impossible. So recording with a real London orchestra in one of the world's best sounding studios was the only justice to be done for it. It's too good not to give it the treatment it deserves.
From The Kickstarter:
We want to do the album of Dave's original gaming music so that we don't have to worry about licenses from other people's compositions. The tracks that we have had multiple requests for so far that we have the license to are as follows. We may run polls and see which tracks people are really interested in that aren't on the list too. Updates will be coming about confirmed tracks.

Frontier - Main Theme
Frontier - Second Theme
Starglider 1 – Sample version
Starglider 1 - Title Screen 'Games'
Starglider 2 full length cassette theme
Carrier Command full length theme
ISS Amiga loading theme
After Burner - Amiga / ST version
Night Shift Title Theme
Microprose F1 Grand Prix Main theme
Double Dragon 2 ( all pieces c64 version only )
Midwinter 2
Beneath A Steel Sky - Loading screen on Amiga theme
Rasputin – Two titles from the game: title theme and 'God Don't Bleed
You can also look forward to many new perks if you pledge, including CDs, Vinyls, T-shirts and signed materials.

This CD will also contain rarities and bootlegs from the Uncle Art archives. In the higher rewards there are also limited availability of these Bonus CD's being signed by Jez San - creator of Starglider and huge name from the era. There are also chances to come to the Uncle Art studio and also to Abbey Road!
The team also hinted in their newsletter that a special spotlight on this project appears in the next issue of Retro Gamer magazine next week.

See you on the new Kickstarter for another mission! And watch the video - we've done a completely new one and I think it's pretty good if we do say so ourselves!!

Cheers all!! This time! This time!!
The team are really hoping to find the money for this epic mission, and after so many have funded books over 60k, I think 33k for this kickstarter is small. But they are struggling. Please take a look at their very heart-warming kickstarter video. I really want the Elite II theme (and BASS) to appear as a real recording.

398 backers
£19,444 pledged of £33,000 goal
18 days to go

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