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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Good luck. I would have tried it first and then cleaned it.

The disk drive is the most likely part to be duff.
THink you're right. I think I had it in my head that I had to check the capacitors first before switching on after so long, but I think I was just a bit cautious there!

Tbh with the floppy drive, I was tempted to remove it and replace it with a compact flash card and make use of WHDLoad - although I do (strangely) enjoy the sounds the drive makes.

I have a 600 which will be the next project too. I'm expecting that will need more cleaning as unfortunately it was stored resting with the disk drive facing upwards. Sadly the bag both amigas were kept in somehow opened whilst in the loft....

Hmm I'm struggling to find any posts that mention how to remove just the top case part of the RF Modulator. By any chance have you come across any or is there a nack to it? Thanks in advance

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