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Restoring old Amiga 1200

Hi Guys

I've decided to get back into the scene and get the missus interested in using our old Amiga. Due to a number of reasons, our 1200 has been stored in the loft unused for about 10 years.

Tbh I'm surprised the board is as clean inside as it is. None of the capacitors seem to have leaked, and the advice I've been given is that they should still be fine. Unfortunately I don't have a soldering iron (to place it against one of the capaictor legs to see if a smell emanates from it).

I've fully removed the RF Shield as there was plenty of rusting, and the general consensus seems to be that it's not needed anyway.

At the moment I've taken all of the keys off and am about to give the keyboard a good clean, followed by the membrane, then the keys (possibly in the dishwasher and then using BBlonde Cream to bring the whiteness back again). I do need to pick up some Isopropyl though and electric contact cleaner for cleaning the membrane.

I'm just struggling atm to try and lift the RF Modulator case off to sand it (to get rid of rust) although tbh at this point, I plan on putting it back on and leaving it for the time being - maybe at a later date I'll put something else in that space, but not for the time being).

I just thought that as the amiga unit has been in the loft for so long that it would be a good idea to give it a thorough clean before booting up to see if it still works
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