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Originally Posted by Genlock View Post
This could be your Red Goldfish bowl type tv in Orange - dia ball.
But drew blank with the other monitor.
Ah yes, looks like it's a 70s 'Keracolor' model. Nice detective work.

I Googled it and found out you can buy newly manufactured reproductions of this design as a surround for modern TVs.

That rings true with me too, Jamie. I've got plenty of scanned Amiga mags so I'll start digging. Don't be surprised if I resurrect this thread in 10 years time to share the answer!

I'm not getting any relevant hits on those keywords, Bugala, but thanks anyway.

Yep, it does look a lot like the Discoverer, Paul, except that was definitely based around an astronaut's helmet whereas the designer of the Keracolor model insists his wasn't:-

"It is sometimes misreported that the Keracolor designs were inspired by an astronaut’s helmet “after watching the first moon landing” and similarly - that they were designed to resemble the spherical Sputnik satellite launched in 1957. Both theories have been vehemently denied by Arthur Bracegirdle himself."

Don't know why he'd be getting his knickers in a knot over it. Fairly reasonable assumption to make I thought. No-one accused him of drowning kittens!

The Seiki Digital SE22FR01 is another wacky design while we're on a roll.
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