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Question Keymapping, why so complicated ?

Okay to make a long frustrating story relative short.

im setting up winuae3.1 in hyperspin no probs here works very well.

i want to rebind the fire keys(joy1 & 2) to c & k.

from what i got from this forum the gameports override the input,

so i have rebinded the keys to numpad(joy2) & cursor(joy 1) in config #1
& turn the gameports off(both set to none).

but when i get ingame(no matter what game i choose) no keys will work, if i turn gameports back on they(the gameports) work flawlessly.

i have read on this forum that i should turn compatibility mode on in the input tab, but in 3.1 there is no such box to tick.

i have been fighting with this problem for atleast 15hours+ now & i still cant get it to work.

if someone would help me to get it working i would appreciate it very much Thank you!
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