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Single "modern" (or at least modernish) emulated card gets chosen that needs to fill all following criteria:

- must have at least 8M VRAM, preferably more (=full HD resolutions possible)
- must be all current "classic" hardware Amiga OS compatible (OS3, unix-likes, OS4). Does not need to be Amix compatible, it is not current enough
- must be already emulated/virtualized, must be license compatible.

Currently only one that fits is Voodoo 3. Note that speed nor hardware emulated 3D is not required!


Prometheus and Mediator + RTL8029 is now confirmed working on OS3 and OS4 (using built-in driver which is nicer than with A2065). OS41FE does not seem to detect G-REX (It says experimental support in OS41FE changelogs).

Does anyone have latest G-REX RTL8029 OS3 SANA2 driver? I have one ("rtl_8029pci 1.3 (20.9.01) © 2000-2001 by Vision Factory Development") but it does something weird, reads MAC from emulated 8029 correctly but when it sends ethernet frames, totally different MAC address is used.. (Or perhaps it is Miami incompatibility?)

btw, it is really difficult to find Prometheus or G-REX drivers, official sites don't exist or work. Prometheus drivers were archived by web.archive, G-REX stuff seems to be completely MIA.
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