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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
I asked the programmer Chris Sorrell, here's his reply:

We’re talking about JP1, right? For that one I vaguely remember that the loading/intro sequence had some kind of extra animation if you had a 1Mb system - but this was a built in switch that was part of the shipped version.
Thanks Ian. Have to say, the coder has a bloody good memory!

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
I was hoping that the extra animation wasn't the only reason for Millennium to have released a separate 1MB version. Would've been a bit lame otherwise, but I wonder if they could've released 512k and 1MB versions on the same disk and simply detected whether end-users had extra memory or not?
Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Of course they could, but where's the money in that?
Doubt Millennium made any real money - if they had, I imagine there would be many more 1MB copies floating around. Might not necessarily apply in this case either, but one-disking isn't always as straightforward as all that and can be a bit of an art (just ask Galahad! ). Disk space and copy-protection/loader issues, among others, are often things to consider.

Haven't had a chance to compare the 512k and 1MB versions, but I wouldn't mind hearing on the viability of a one-disked version (retail release or cracked) from the likes of Abaddon, Galahad or Codetapper.
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