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Meeting modern needs with classic Amiga.

Hi folks,

It's early days yet but I'm interested in exploring present day uses for the Amiga (excluding gaming). I currently use it for word processing as plain text and sending it to my Ubuntu machine to convert to .odt before emailing, for example.

But after looking at some educational titles on and any other mentions here: I've become even more optimistic.

So I've started documenting my progress with videos upload to a channel I'm calling Amiga Today and the goal is simply to find practical uses that justify the Amiga today as more than a mere games console with a keyboard that won't let go

I'm interested in feedback about how I'm achieving this. I already know the sound quality is average at best and I've discovered I have some ticks when speaking! I've been cutting thirty minute footage down to about three minutes in general and not going into too much depth - just really to show you if it's worth the trouble of downloading and copying to floppy/running on UAE and to hopefully generate interest in putting the PC / phone to one side and using the Amiga for these jobs instead.

Suggestions appreciated, especially if you think I'm wasting my time!

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