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Coming soon: PCI bridge emulation

Next beta series will include PCI bridge emulation (and another very pointless feature but this PCI bridge-only topic). I think this was last major unemulated expansion type.

Currently supported bridges (with various levels of compatibility but at least basic operations work)

- DKB Wildfire
- Prometheus (44359/1)
- Mediator 1200 TX (2206/60, 2206/188)
- Mediator 4000 MK2 (2206/33, 2206/161)

If you have other Mediator model: Download and attach output, thanks.

Currently emulated PCI devices:

- Realtek 8029 NIC (NE2000 clone).
- 53C815 using existing 53C8xx emulation (DKB Wildfire only)

TODO (nothing guaranteed): some popular sound card, some video card(s). Must be already emulated in QEMU or other emulator/virtual machine.

Goal is to include Voodoo 3 from MAME (when license is officially compatible) but it may be too complex and annoying job..
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