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Is Worms DC really the best version of Worms 1?

I owned Worms 1 and Reinforcements on the PC. I read about DC in a magazine and was so jealous the Amiga version got the concrete donkey, holy hand grenade etc.

Then came Worms 2, which pretty much added all those extras. Except, I really hated the new graphic style! I wanted DC on the PC but couldn't get it. When I first got into emulation with WinUAE, I got hold of Worms DC straight away and was so happy. By that time most of my friends weren't into gaming anymore so I didn't really spend much time with DC.

Fast forward to today. I start getting back into Amiga emulation. I fire up Worms DC and disappointed to find some features are missing from PC versions.

There is retreat time, tab select, dud mines, mine delay, background music, FMV sequences, various gravestones, fall damage, Mole Bomb (that was awesome!!). All missing from the Amiga version!

Over the years I was led to believe DC is the best version of Worms 1. Is it really? What is your opinion?
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